Who we are

Founded in rome in 2009 Thymiama was the first franchise network in beauty care in Italy to focus exclusively on organic and/or natural products, offering a beauty care cosmetics selection, in its stores.


Make beauty care, with organic and natural products, accessibile to all

The belief that every brand must feature its products with formulations free from harmful ingredients as well as provide a work process respectful of the environment and clearly declare the composition, is and always will be unchanged.
The achievement of a organic certification or the effort to achieve it, declaring the use of certified organic ingredients for no less than 95% a clear distinctive factor, allowed thymiama to consider a product acceptable for sale.

For the quality of the products, Thymiama referred to the guidelines contained in the INCI Biodizionario and also to several test Insitutes, such as AIAB/ICEA/ECOCERT/CCPB/NATRUE, etc…

Products for sale at Thymiama were of verifiable quality.

The minimum standard required by thymiama:

Organic 95% minimum natural ingredients or of natural origin, ie taking into account the traceability and their impact on the ecosystem
Natural 3% of natural ingredients, but not necessarily from organic cultivation or protected areas
Else 2% of additives allowed in order to make stable, functional and pleasant the cosmetic product (eg .preservatives, stabilizers. active principles and fragrances)

The products used by most, yet unaware, people, advertised everywhere as natural and also sold in many he-alth food stores and / or pharmacies, with very well known brands, may include a large amount of azar-dous and noxious substances.
The statements contained herein are easily available on the internet within the reach of everyone. find out how we have been treating our skin and our bodies so far.